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Beautiful Disaster

An Exquisite Extreme

23 August
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Once upon a time in a Texan land far far away...

I was born. And my parents rejoiced. The following years were nothing too special to mention. I had a fairly average childhood with the standard parental divorce thrown in as well. I grew up with my mom and my older sister (the reason my parents rejoiced, ~_^) and younger brother. I now go to college and if you think I live at home...you're insane.

No offense to my family but being so close to graduation and all means that I really don't need to be living with them. Especially my little brother. Love the kid, but I think the sarcasm overdose of having both of us in the house would drive my mother insane.

And that's the basic gist of it. You want details, feel free to keep track of my journal.

Also, I think Spander is just one of the best couples out there. So I'm sharing a banner with you all to help you come to the same conclusion. Credit for the banner goes to truly_tazi...I got it from the fall_for_sx community.

Header (banner, whatever) and my default icon were made by midnighta.